Today blog is all about how to make an organic disco ball…………… kidding the app under review is:

Junk Call Blocker

Junk Call Blocker is one of those apps you have to have on your Blackberry. We all know weirdos, crazy people and of course your ex’s all seem to magically have your number, this app allows you to actually block their numbers. What makes this app awesome is that it actually does the job it promises. With Junk Call Blocker the power is in your hands you can now prevent the headches with a simple touch of a button. Features include autoblock, block numbers by using your call log! how awesomely awesome is that! Also this has BBM® intergration allowing you to share Junk Call numbers and activity.

Price: Free. Although you can purchase the full version.


  • Free!!!!!!
  • Actually does the job!


  • Free version only blocks 10 numbers

Rating: 5/5

S4BB apps still offers the great service so no complaints.

Rating of service 5/5.

Can be found here.

See this is what happens to your ex when you block their number