Todays app under review is How to make tasty scones by only using tuna ………….. okay the app under review is:

PDF Creator Ultimate 

The awesome people at Ice Cold App have done it again, the app PDFCU (Pdf Creator Ultimate ). This app allows you to edit documents on your Blackberry for example delete pages of the document or add pictures to the document all this can be accomplished from the comfort of your Blackberry. Also you can email your document using the built-in e-mail function. This app can really help you if you need to edit your documents while you on the  move. Also you can save your PDF documents on your Blackberry or micro SD card. Please note this does not create PDF documents, this app edits documents and can convert the to PDF format. If you purchase the full version of PDFCU you gain features such as re sizing images, cropping, applying colour filters and many more.


  • Free
  • Built in email function
  • Takes up very little space on your Blackberry.


  • Can take some time getting used to.
  • The full version has more needed features than the trial

Rating: 4/5

Ice Cold Apps support team rocks

once again they score a perfect 5/5